South Africa has a rich heritage of design and innovation. South Africans invented the CAT Scan, the technology to extract oil from coal, the Kreepy Krauly and Pratley’s Putty. We did the worlds first heart transplant, invented Q20, the Retinal Cryoprobe, the speed gun and Smartlock safety syringes.


As South Africans we are often apologetic about the quality of our South African designed and manufactured products. We need to collectively dispel this myth, embrace our rich South African innovation and engineering pedigree, and show the international community that we can innovate to compete with the best in the world.

Over the past 20 years the Crystel engineering team has been working to make our South African designed and manufactured headsets as indestructible and robust as possible.

The result is a high-quality range of professional headsets designed for daily Call Centre and BPO use. Ultra-High Gain Noise Cancelling microphones and superior quality speakers provide the ultimate audio quality that agents can trust. Lightweight components and cutting-edge materials translate into excellent comfort, fit and durability.

Because all Crystel Headsets are laser-engraved with a unique serial number, we are easily able to track and record the lifespan of our products. I have often come across our headsets that are 5 or 6 years old, and still work perfectly under daily use.

A combination of factors makes our headsets this robust. Here are three examples of product innovation that contribute to making our headsets almost indestructible:


1. Quick-Release Connectors

Quick-release connectors on imported international headset brands have always used technology based on four copper pins. Noticing that these pins tended to lose their tension after a while, resulting in sound interference, our engineering team completely redesigned our own unique quick-release connectors, based on USB technology. These connectors also work on non-USB platforms, and their unique molds mean that that cannot inadvertently be used elsewhere. This product innovation means that your agents can sit there all day playing with their quick-release connectors and they won’t fail.


2. Headbands

Headbands are traditionally a weak point on headsets, and often break or lose their shape. Crystel headbands use high quality surgical grade steel, with high memory retention, that runs from ear to ear. This means that our headbands can be twisted and compressed to an unnatural degree, and still not break.




3. Wishbones

Fifteen years ago, the wishbones used to be a weak point in our headset design. Our engineering team pro-actively solved this challenge by changing the grade of the plastic used, to a NASA grade plastic used in spacecraft design. Our new wishbones can be bent back double and will still not break.








We provide our clients with a 4-step solution that allows them to convert their headsets from disposable expense items, into traceable assets with a measurable ROI.

By implementing our 4-Step vision, our clients will buy fewer headsets, less often, that will last longer and cost less.