Laboratory tests confirm that headsets are riddled with bacteria can be a leading source of infection in Call Centre’s if proper hygiene measures are not put in place.

I always recommend that our customers put together a Headset Health & Hygiene Standard Operating Procedure document to ensure good hygiene practices and improve the health and welfare of their employees.

These SOP’s would differ from Customer to Customer depending on their needs but are generally built around five risk areas.


Build Your Headset Sterilization SOP’s Around 5 Key Risk Areas


  1. General Hygiene & Sanitation:

All headsets should be Ozone Sterilized on a regular basis. Laboratory tests have shown that infectious bacterial strains quickly build up and we recommend that our clients Ozone Sterilize their headsets at least on a monthly basis. 

  1. Onset of Infection:

Call Centre managers get worried as soon as they see agents coughing and sneezing because they know the risk of cross infection and sick building syndrome. Any employee exhibiting symptoms of flu, a cold, coughing, throat infections, ear infections, or any other contagious or infectious ailments – should Ozone Sterilize their headset daily until their symptoms have passed.

  1. After being Sick:

When and employee returns to work after being booked off sick for something like a chest cold or ear infection, the first thing they do is put their headset back on, which is teeming with the very bacteria they have just recovered from. Many of them promptly re-infect themselves and will wonder why they can’t shake their chest infection and persistent cough.

Any employee who has been booked off work with flu, a cold, coughing, throat infections, ear infections, or any other contagious or infectious diseases – should Ozone Sterilize their headset daily for 3 to 5 days after returning to work in order to avoid re-infection.

  1. Re-Issue of used headsets:

The good news is that your used headsets can now be re-issued to new employees if you can Ozone Sterilize them prior to being re-issued.

  1. Sharing of headsets:

Headsets should preferably not be shared under any circumstances. This is very unhygienic. If headsets are shared, they must be Ozone Sterilized between users.

Once you have your SOP’s in place and begin to address these simply solvable challenges, you should begin to see a number of immediate benefits:




  • An immediate & simple solution to your headset Health & Hygiene challenges
  • Improves your corporate health & wellness
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Minimizes sick building syndrome
  • Improves staff morale
  • Helps to retain your best employees
  • Pays for itself by recycling all used headsets (from churn)
  • Allows you to introduce ISO Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Saves on cushion replacement costs