South African Tough

South African Call Centres are robust and dynamic environments and Crystel Headset have evolved a product with a 25-year pedigree that delivers the highest-quality sound while withstanding the rigours associated with the sector.

Baked Into Our DNA

Like a world champion fighter raised in a tough neighbourhood, our headsets have been born, incubated, raised and tested for over a quarter of a century in the notoriously robust South African call center environment. This pedigree stripped us of all unnecessary excess and evolved Crystel Headset into a high-quality world champion product that takes on all comers.

Robust, Reliable & Dependable

If your call center was Uber, and your agents were Uber drivers, they would choose Crystel Headset as their motor vehicle of choice.

With arguably the best Cost to Company return on any international headset investment, users will know that Crystel Headsets do all the basics with the class of a champion – excellent sound, light and comfortable, dependable, a robustness that outlasts most others, very rarely breakdown, and are quick and easy to repair.

Crystel Headsets average less than 1.5% repairs and negligent damage under even the most tough conditions.

Built To Last, Not To Pretend

Product improvements are continuous, and every aspect of the quality of the headsets are tried and tested. Rather than continuously launching flashy new headset models into the market, the Crystel Headset strategy is built around user comfort, functionality and optimizing performance.

Objective Measures

In South Africa, the larger imported headsets brands tend to have a minimum of 10 to 15% annual negligent damages. Data from 2019 show that Crystel Headset combined negligent damages, repairs and breakages run at under 1,5%, almost 10 times less.

We are often compared to the AK47 of headsets or the Toyota Corolla of headsets.

We take that as a compliment as to how well we perform in the trenches, how reliable and robust we are, and how much you can depend on our quality & reliability.

It’s a badge we wear with pride. Like the mark of a champion.