We have a unique insight into 25 years of headset repair history data and over that period we have repaired several thousand headsets. The data is consistent about one shocking point:

“More than 80% of headsets that are sent in for repair have no fault at all and are completely functional.”

It becomes kind of a big deal if you unpack this and do the sums.

If you don’t have a functional, and efficient repair tracking system in place, 80% of your replacement headset expenses are a wasted cost, and 80% of the time spent on broken headset issues is completely wasted too.

I have had one very large, blue collar call center in Johannesburg insist in my quote, that I allow for 65 damaged headsets per month, per 1,000 agents. This is their norm. 780 broken headsets per year, per 1,000 agents. 80% of those are a complete waste of time and money.

As a headset manufacturer that has repaired several thousand headsets, I can tell you that by implementing a very simple process, with four simple steps, you can immediately save up to 80% of your headset repair budget, and more importantly, on the waste of time and energy dealing with broken headsets.

Our Advice? – Implement this simple process immediately.

Implement a very simple headset trouble-shooting filter at team level that is simple enough that your agents can easily manage it (there is an open source version if this below). This should include four very simple checks that will eliminate 80% of faults.

Check 1:               Check the microphone if correctly positioned

Check 2:               Check the volume settings are correctly set-up

Check 3:               Check the AGC box is unchecked

(this is for high quality Ultra High Gain Crystel headsets)

Check 4:               Test the headset on another workstation

If you insist your agents do these four simple checks themselves before, they send their headset in for repair, you will eliminate 75% to 80% of your purportedly damaged headsets and save yourself a lot of time, money, energy and frustration.

It will also save your IT and Technical teams hours and hours of frustration, energy and wasted time.

Please feel free to request a High Res PDF version at info@crystel.co.za