Finally, a formula that lets BPO & Call Centres accurately calculate the actual Cost to Company of their headsets.

You probably don’t want to know just how much money you are losing on headsets.

But if you did, there is good news, and there is bad news.

The bad news is that whatever you think your headsets are costing you, it’s probably way (way) (way) more because there are a host of hidden costs you probably aren’t taking into account, and you’re very likely not comparing apples to apples.

The good news is that it’s not actually that complicated to turn around and save between 60% and 70% of your headset investment (if you ask the right questions)

It’s complex, but not complicated.

And the good news is that there is an actual formula that you can use, that works.

For the first time, there is a formula that allows BPO & Call Centre companies to a) understand the hidden cost of their headsets and to b) calculate the number that matters most – their actual cost-to-company per headset per year.

Look, it’s not Einstein’s theory of relativity, but if you are a CFO, the Financial Director, or a Procurement Manager in the BPO or Call Centre sector, the formula lets you accurately measure and compare the true costs of your headsets – and it can help you to save 60 to 70% of your headset investment.

Why use the formula?

  1. It allows you to compare apples to apples, and
  2. It takes into account many of the hidden costs of headsets that are currently losing you money.

Historically, trying to calculate the return you can expect on your headset investment seemed impossible. In fact, most company CFO’s I meet with didn’t even have enough data to quantify their investment, let alone calculate a return on it.

There are just so many variables to consider – Cost, Warranty, Lifespan, Faults, Negligent Damages, Churn, Tracking & Traceability, SLA’s, Supplier Support, Management, Sound Quality – that was almost impossible to compare Apples to Apples.

What decision-makers needed was a formula that allowed them to measure and compare their options objectively, and take better decisions.

If you do want an accurate picture of your costs, you are going to need to know your COST-TO-COMPANY PER HEADSET PER YEAR. There isn’t a short cut.

But as you will see below, even a cheap R450 headset can actually end up costing you 60% more than a R1,175 headset. And that R1,800 headset that your supplier told you wasn’t too much more than the R1,175 headset, is actually costing you 200% more!

The Formula forces you to get accurate data and gives you an accurate Cost-To-Company per headset per year comparison that means something.

Here is a scenario, based on actual data, that compares the prices if three headset brands using the formula.

Local Brand A: Quoted Price R1,175:00 Actual Cost to Company using formula is R 335.00 per headset per year !

Imported Brand B:  Quoted Price R1,800.00Cost to Company using formula is actually R 1 007.50 per headset per year (200% more than Brand A!)

Imported Brand C:  Quoted Price R450:00 Cost to Company is R 545.50 using formula (So even though on paper it looks only a third of the price, your actual CTC is 63% more than Brand A)

Just looking at the data it is very difficult to get a sense of what the headsets are actually costing the company each year.

However, if you apply the formula to the above three brands, you get a much more informed picture.

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