Teleperformance Woodstock, Cape Town

Teleperformance Cape Town is using innovative locally designed & manufactured technology to help ensure employee safety.

Just two days after South Africa lifted their hard lock-down, Teleperformance opened their new contact centre in Cape Town’s Central Business District. Their additional facilities located in Woodstock will help to create 2,000 potential new job opportunities in the city!

A global CX leader with more than 330,000 employees around the world, Teleperformance has always prioritised employee safety. This was never more apparent than during the COVID-19 Crisis. As the pandemic was spreading internationally the company quickly realised that self-isolation offered their employees the best means for protection.

Defying all the odds they successfully transitioned over 220,000 of their active workforce employees to a work-at-home model within just 8 weeks.

And now, as the South African economy opens up and employees return to work, Teleperformance is once again at the forefront of prioritizing employee safety.

Their new Woodstock facility highlights that call centres don’t have to be high-risk environments that are vulnerable to the spread of viruses and infections. Teleperformance in Cape Town has created a state-of-the-art safe workspace using physical distancing and personal hygiene protocols.

To further ensure employee safety in a post-COVID-19 world, they have added technology into the solution mix, and are working with an innovative Cape Town manufacturer of Ozone Sterilizing Cabinets.

Simple laboratory tests show that electronic devices like call centre headsets are riddled with millions of bacteria, viruses & germs.

Ozone sterilizing cabinets are a South African manufactured product specifically designed for call centre teams. They safely sterilize up to 30 headsets in a short 15-minute cycle to eliminate viruses, bacteria and germs.

The cabinets are safe and easy to use and can eliminate everything from coughs and colds to the Flu. They are also effective against more serious infections like TB or COVID-19.

This cutting-edge technology allows Teleperformance the ability to ensure that every employee can safely sterilize their headset every week. While employees who have been booked off sick can now sterilise their headsets every day when they return to work, helping to prevent reinfection and slowing the spread of any viruses.

In addition to headsets, this new technology is ideal for sterilizing a multitude of other high-risk electronic and communication devices such as tablets, keyboards and smart-phones. They can even be used to sterilise employee facemasks, lanyards and keys.

Teleperformance – creating employment in South Africa, prioritising employee safety, achieving the impossible again and again.

Teleperformance Cape Town