Over the last 5-weeks of Level 5 lock-down, Crystel Headset pulled out all the stops.

The COVID-19 lock-down meant that many emergency & essential service call centres urgently needed to upscale and required accelerated product deliveries to function efficiently.

At the same time many BPO businesses, to keep their agents employed and to keep the economy going, were under immediate and immense pressure to almost overnight convert to work-from-home models.

Crystel Headset was certified as an essential services provider supplying headsets, online technical support and sterilizing equipment to emergency call centres and BPO’s.

March & April saw above-average sales demand and we managed to manufactured & dispatch every headset order received over the lock-down with 100% order fulfillment and often under exceptionally short lead times.

All these clients needed incredibly fast turn around times on new headset orders as well as technical and set-up support. Lead times were being measured in days. Turnaround on manufacturing runs was often reduced to hours.

Reduced to a skeleton manufacturing crew we worked weekends, nights and long days.

Sales & marketing staff packed boxes, head engineers soldered, company owners and management assembled parts.

Boardrooms, offices and reception areas were hives of activity, with surfaces covered in boxes and packaging.

At home,  garages, dining room tables, table-tennis tables and kitchen counters were converted to temporary emergency assembly areas.

We were proud to be South African and it brought out the best of all of us. Every one of our owners and management team accepted the challenge, we all stepped up and didn’t drop a single ball.

Some days it was tight, but every single headset order was dispatched, and every request for additional cables to convert headsets to home-use was fulfilled.

So whether it was the Unemployment Insurance Fund urgently needing to upscale, or for the National Institute for Communicable Diseases, the National Health Laboratory Service, banks & financial institutions, or for our national electricity provider, ESKOM, we pulled out all the stops and delivered. Whether it was the BPO’s operating out of hotels or the agents working from home we were in it together. And to all the essential service providers and resellers who desperately needed to help their clients operate over the crisis, your pain has been our pain.

We all came through this together.

And we proved that being a South African manufacturer works.

With prices based in South African Rand and an assembly plant based in Cape Town, with 92% local content and 100% South African never-say-die spirit, we showed how important working together can be.

We saw the pressure of the long days and late nights for what it was, a blessing that our business and employees had work, an opportunity to make a difference, and a time to step forward and make sure our clients got what they desperately needed to keep going during this time of crisis.

We anticipate uninterrupted manufacture and 100% order fulfillment for May, June and beyond, so if you have pressing needs please feel free to contact us.