Our Service Level Agreement is based on six pillars:


A practical & comprehensive cloud based headset management tool that allows customers to track and extrapolate detailed data on every headset they have – form anywhere, at any time, on any device.


We are always available. Customers have unlimited support from Engineers, Technicians, Operations, Accounts & Finance, Account Management.


Every headset is sterilized every 60 days. Agents who have been booked off sick sterilize their headsets every day for five days after returning to work. All cushions are replaced every 6 months.


All headsets can be branded with our customer’s logo’s. All cables and hardware can be customised to client specifications.


A genuine 24 hr turn around on repairs. Every headset can be repaired. Used headsets resulting from attrition can be refurbished and re-issued.


Our headsets have more than 90% local content and we are confident that our quality & durability can match and surpass any international brand.

A comprehensive headset management systems

Every CRYSTEL headset comes with a unique serial number for tracking and traceability. Serial numbers are engraved into headsets so headsets cannot be swapped. Specific headsets can be allocated (and traced back) to individual agents. This dramatically reduces pilferage and malicious damage.

We offer a free cloud based tracking and traceability system on all headsets and our customers can view this data from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Searchable data fields include: Serial Number, Model, Purchase Date, Warrantee Expiry Date, Agent Name, Site, Department and Full Service History.

24 Hour repairs, maintenance & refurbishment

CRYSTEL offer a comprehensive 2-year warranty on all products covering fair wear and tear. We offer a 10-year warranty on speakers. We offer a 24 hour turn around on all repairs from time of arrival at factory in Cape Town. We carry a full range of spares and all damaged units can be repaired and do not have to be discarded or replaced.

We supply FREE loan (hospital) stock to all clients in the event that repairs are required. Headsets can be repaired at minimum costs thus extending their life cycle. We schedule regular visits from our technical staff to do FREE on-site repairs and servicing if required.

Health & Hygiene – Ozone sterilizing

We recommend that Service Level Agreements include the 6 monthly replacement of all headset cushions. Laboratory tests show that sterilizing swabs are ineffective in controlling bacteria and germs. CRYSTEL is able to supply HEADSET OZONE STERILIZING UNITS with a proven ability to kill 99% of all bacteria and germs.

CRYSTEL Service Level Agreements include the regular on-site Ozone Sterilizing of all headsets, and we work with our clients to draw up effective Health & Hygiene SOP’s to assist with their ISO certification.

Branding & Customization

CRYSTEL offers client branding on all headsets, this helps build corporate identity and helps reduce pilferage. Headsets can be manufactured in a range of colours, this differentiates between teams and makes it difficult to move headsets between teams. Our headsets are compatible with all phone systems.

Cables can be customised to match client requirements. Amplified cables can be supplied if required. Customers can choose from a variety of adjustable headband sizes and ear cushion options.

unlimited technical support & training

We have highly qualified in-house engineers and telephony experts. We offer unlimited technical support on all of our products. We work with our customer’s IT departments to help improve telephony outputs. We offer free on-site staff training and support in headset care and maintenance, ozone sterilizing, noise mapping, & white noise solutions.

In addition, we have a full support team – available to any client, at any time – that includes: Senior Engineering Support, Technical Support, Operations, Shipping, Orders, Administration, Accounts, Sales and Account Managers. We are there for our clients.

More than 90% local content

CRYSTEL headsets are the only South African owned, designed and manufactured professional Call Centre headset on the continent. Every headset is manufactured locally, and often surpass large international headset brands in terms of quality, durability & Service Level Agreement. Our local material content exceeds 90%.