Medium and large Call Centers can easily lose up to 60% of their headset investment each year.

Turning this around and securing your investment isn’t complicated, but it does take a willing partner, and an innovative supplier who is prepared to counter-intuitively help you to buy less headsets.

With more than 20 years of headset repair data, Crystel Headset categorizes preventable headset losses into four broad areas.

Inventory Shrinkage

Inventory shrinkage can be as high as 15% per year. These headsets have disappeared off of your asset register for a number of reasons including theft, agents leaving and taking their headsets with them, and headsets simply sitting in boxes or cupboards.

Crystel’s online Headset Asset Management platform allocates headsets to individual agents, and by holding agents accountable for their headsets, reduces this figure to almost nil – saving up to 15% of your annual headset budget.

Agent Churn

Agent churn typically runs at over 25% per year. Once an agent leaves your Call Center, they often hand back a used headset that is dirty and bacteria laden and unable to be re-issued to new agents. Most Call Centers have boxes filled with these used headsets that can represent thousands of Rands or Dollars in wasted investment.

Crystel online Headset Asset Management platform ensures that you get the headset back from these agents, and the Crystel Ozone Plus sterilizing cabinets allows you to safely recycle all used headsets saving up to 25% of your annual headset budget.

No Fault Breakages

Up to 90% of damaged headsets reported by agents will not be faulty. This translates into approximately 10% of your headsets being thrown out each year for no reason other than poor headset management at a team and agent level.

Crystel Headset provides teams and agents with simple trouble shooting tools that eliminate these and their customer focused SLA protects clients against this wastage.

Negligent Damage

Negligent damages normally average around 10% of your total headsets per year. These are headsets that are damaged or broken by agents, often accidentally, where the damage is not covered by the warranty.

Crystel Headset’s SLA includes 48 hr full repairs on ALL headsets, including those damaged negligently. All negligently damaged Crystel headsets can be repaired during their warranty period, for a moderate repair fee, regardless of the damage.

A 500 seat Call Center can easily be losing a quarter of a million Rand per year by simply not having a strong system in place to manage these losses.

Don’t continue to perpetuate this cycle of loss.

It’s easy enough to solve.