Have you ever had the sound of your dogs barking, your kids playing, your colleagues talking, or the barista serving coffees interfering with the quality of your online meeting, and making you seem less professional in front of clients or managers?  

As the trend towards out-of-office work spaces grows, and more and more employees work remotely, either at home offices, in airport lounges, or in shared office hubs & spaces – so too grows the need for a headset that allows you to communicate clearly, without background noise distracting from your call.

Crystel Headset now offers the South African corporate sector a truly South African designed and manufactured solution with the same professional sound quality and noise cancelling technology that is demanded by the Call Center sector.

Key Differentiation:

  • 4 Year Warranty
  • Corporate branding on each headset
  • Adapters that allow you to use the headset on laptop, PC, iPad, Smart Phone & Desktop
  • Professional Call Center quality Noise Cancellation
  • Options for clients to purchase (or rent) Ozone Headset Sterilizing Cabinets for corporate health & wellness
  • Full repair option on headsets that are accidentally & negligently damaged during the warranty period
  • Local manufacture, repair & support


Features & Benefits

  • High quality sound & comfortable fit
  • Includes corporate branding on all headsets
  • Fold-able & compact – folds completely flat to fit easily into laptop bags
  • Includes protective ozone friendly headset bag
  • Headsets come with 3 Adapter options to ensure you never miss a call
  • USB adapters for laptop & PC
  • Smart Phone adapters for smart phones and iPad’s
  • RJ9 adapters for desktop phones
  • Active noise cancelling microphones eliminate background noise
  • Volume control and mute button
  • Adjustable headband for different head sizes & hairstyles
  • Durable and long lasting with a 4-Year warranty
  • Fully repairable for the 4-year warranty period
  • Individual serial numbers and online tracking & reporting platform allow companies to get data on all their headset assets in one-place, from any device, at any time.
  • Health & Hygiene – Headsets come with a set of spare ear and microphone cushions, and are approved for use in Ozone sterilizing cabinets.

Ozone Sterilizing

Headsets are bacteria rich environments and without proper headset hygiene, can result in ear, nose, chest and throat infections, and in prolonging these infections when you do get them. Crystel offers Headset Ozone Sterilizing Cabinets to companies who wish to improve their corporate health & welfare.

With Crystel Headset you can now enjoy clear, professional team meetings & conversations, without the anxiety or pressure of distracting background noises, and a robust headset that will fold flat and fit easily into your laptop bag.