Health And Safety

Crystel Ozone

CRYSTEL OZONE Sanitizing Cabinets offer Call Centres the latest in Health & Hygiene technology to ensure employee wellness. Our cabinets effectively sanitise 25 headsets per 30 minute sterilizing cycle, and a single Ozone Cabinet can sterilise up to 2000 headsets per month without work flow interruption. Superior quality components and world class craftsmanship provide the most efficient sanitizing solution available to the sector.

Standard Operating Procedure

General Hygiene & Sanitation: All headsets should be Ozone Sterilised on a regular basis. This could be fortnightly, monthly or even every second month.

What is Ozone

Ozone is the most powerful disinfectant available to man and reduces bacterial, viral and parasitic contamination by up to 99%. Ozone is a naturally occurring inert gas that is found in the earth’s atmosphere.