Crystel Headsets have launched their new online platform that now allows their customers to convert their headsets from disposable expense items, into traceable assets with a measurable return on their Investment, eliminating waste and taking back control.


  • Take informed decisions
  • Get accurate, real time data
  • Powerful reporting & export functionality
  • Improve your planning & budgeting
  • Track expenses & reduce waste
  • Red flag & track abuse and waste
  • Reduce negligent repairs & damages
  • Access from any device, at any time

I have frequently sat in meetings with the CFO’s & CEO’s of large Call Centers and realized that they had no idea how much money they are losing on headsets, and even worse, that they would be shocked if they knew just how much time and productivity was being wasted by their employees on unnecessary headset issues.

And pity the poor technical team member, or IT employee, who was tasked with managing headsets. It was like a kiss of death and an easy way to break a good employee.

The lack of a decent (and easy to manage!) tracking platform created the perfect storm that wasted money, time and energy. With little to no control nobody could accurately measure, track and report with any confidence. It was a situation that invited waste and abuse.

After successful piloting our new CAT (Crystel Asset Tracking) platform over the past 6 months, the system is now live and we are rolling it out to all our clients.

The new platform requires no updates and is open-source to all Crystel clients, it allows Call Centres to completely rethink the way they view headsets and to take back control of their headset management, budget and planning, and drastically reduce their waste.

Instead of headsets being a disposable expense item, an annoying black hole in your budget and an area of waste – your headsets now suddenly become traceable assets, with a measurable ROI.

Have a look at some of the functionality in the slides below.

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