Create a healthier work environment, slow the spread of infections, reduce absenteeism, improve staff morale and increase productivity.

Prioritize and protect your employees health and wellness with a regular, simple and effective sterilizing service.

Make the life of your Facilities Management team easier, and free your Tech, IT and Operations employees to focus on their core deliverables.

You can remove health and wellness concerns and constraints by outsourcing your critical sterilization requirements.

  • You simply schedule one of our experienced sterilizing teams to come to your site.
  • Our teams work on-site, after hours so they don’t interrupt operational productivity.
  • They sterilize all brands of headsets, keyboards and other sensitive mobile electronic and communication devices.
  • You can choose either weekly, monthly, quarterly or once-off sterilization cycles.

Headsets, smartphones and telephone handsets are all super-spreaders of microscopic bacteria and viruses.

They allow infections easy access to your employees because they are used close to mouths, noses, ears and eyes.

Keyboards, computer mice, laptops, tablets and desktop-phones are all high-risk spreaders of infections and germs through surface cross-contamination.

Ozone was approved by the FDA in 2003 as a new sterilization process for low-temperature sterilization, and its microbial efficacy has been proven with a variety of microorganisms.

It has proven to be effective against bacteria and viruses that cause a variety of common seasonal infections like coughs, colds and chest infections, ear infections and the Flu. It has also been shown to be effective against more serious infections like tuberculosis and the coronavirus.

Ozone is well-suited for sterilizing delicate electronic and medical devices that cannot withstand the degradation of UV light, high heat and humidity, irradiation, microwaves or cleaning residues.