An agreement is anything you’ve said you will do, and anything you’ve said you won’t do – both as an organization or as an individual.

Integrity comes from being impeccable around your agreements.

Being impeccable, is being clear about your agreements and then keeping them.

Whether it is an agreement to buy milk on your way home, an agreement to get to a meeting on time, or an agreement to supply a specific quality service or product – as individuals and organizations we need to be impeccable in keeping our agreements, so that we can have integrity and build trust.

Most people only keep between 40% – 60% of the agreements they make.

People with high states of integrity keep about 90% of their agreements.

When we can’t keep our agreement we need to renegotiate our agreement before it is due. And it is vital that we acknowledge and accept responsibility where we don’t keep our agreement.

Agreements need to be incredibly clear. They need to detail who will do what, by when.

Here is a great Podcast exploring this theme: Leading Above the Line (a discussion with Jim Dethmer, founder of The Conscious Leadership Group)

Crystel Headset Agreements:

  • The sound quality of our locally manufactured headsets will compete favorably, or exceed the sound quality, of imported headset brands twice their value. If it doesn’t our technical team will visit you on-site and resolve your set-up and configuration to make sure it does..
  • Your headsets will last between four to six years in an active call-centre environment, with daily use.
  • We give our clients the shortest average delivery lead times in the country.
  • We offer a 24-hour turnaround time on repairs, the quickest in the country.
  • We guarantee a 100% repair rate within your warranty period, with 0% “beyond economic repair”
  • We solve challenges your challenges with a locally based engineering and technical team. Your technical support will be immediate and highly experienced.
  • Our headset products have more than 90% local content. They are proudly South African designed, manufactured and owned (and supported)
  • We provide our clients with an open-source online headset tracking platform that gives you full tracking, tracing and reporting functionality.
  • We create safer work environments for our clients by providing a range of ozone headset sterilizing solutions.