COVID-19 might not be with us forever. But the world we live and work in is evolving.

There is no going back. The risk of future viruses and infections is changing how we live and work. What we have learned is that we are one Eco-system. The health of our businesses and the health of our employees is directly connected. 

Long-term success isn’t about the bottom line anymore. It starts and it ends with people. If you can’t keep your people healthy, your business won’t be healthy.

Call Centers & BPO’s are high-risk environments that are vulnerable to the spread of viruses and infections.

This could be everything from coughs and colds to the Flu. Or it could be something more serious like TB or COVID-19.

To give your business and your employees the best chance of being safe and staying healthy you need to be able to keep viruses and infections out.

Simple laboratory tests show that electronic devices like headsets are riddled with millions of bacteria, viruses & germs. Other high-infection devices include keyboards, mobile phones, handsets, mice, tablets and laptops.

Until now there have been limited options to safely and effectively sterilize personal electronic devices without degrading their parts or damaging their circuitry.

Ozone Plus sterilizing cabinets allow you to safely sterilize electronic and communication devices to 99% sterile and help you to slow the spread of infections into your workspace. And priced at a similar point to a high-end laptop, every campaign could use one.

Ozone Plus cabinets are designed and manufactured to be robust, easy to use, safe, fast and effective.

Robust & Durable

Constructed out of medical-grade stainless steel and high-quality parts, Ozone Plus cabinets have been perfected over 15 years of continuous improvement. Field-tested under robust South African Call Centre conditions they come with a two-year warranty.

Easy to Use

Designed to be foolproof and intuitive. Simply plug your cabinet into a wall socket, and with one push of a button, you are ready to start sterilizing.


A locking handle seals the unit completely and an automatic cut-out function if the door is opened while in use, ensures that the cabinets are safe and easy to use. No UV Light. No Microwaves. No Irradiation. No Toxins. No residue.


Designed for Call Centre teams, a short 15-minute cycle sterilizes up to 30 headsets or devices to 99% and allows for daily sterilisation.


Because Ozone works at a molecular level, it penetrates deep into devices to properly eliminate viruses, bacteria and germs.

We all have an obligation to take a more active role in reducing the spread of infections and protecting those who are vulnerable. The health and well being of your people will impact on the health of your organization.