Directly out of the factory and straight onto the campaign floor.

Practice makes perfect. Who would have thought that I’d be able to fit four hundred and thirty headsets into each trip in my poor car! Who would have thought that a little blue trolley would become such a godsend? Who would have thought being a business owner would mean the opportunity to meet and get to know so many building security officers?

All hands on deck this month to ensure an uninterrupted supply channel and fast turnaround times. Ending the week strong with a busy morning delivering hundreds of new headsets into the Cape Town Central Business District.

Big shout out to Pivotal Data and WebHelp for supporting locally manufactured brands. You guys are creating employment and helping to regrow the South African economy!

Massive thanks to all our other South African clients and supporters, and our international customers too, for your support, and to #AndySearle and #BPeSA for making things happen.

We won’t let you down South Africa! Enjoying the journey! Working the hours! Appreciating the opportunity!