Crystel OZONE

Headsets are home to millions of bacteria and germs. Regular and effective sanitizing is essential to the health and well-being of call centre agents and back-office staff. Ozone sanitizing contributes to the individual health and wellness of employees and helps prevent re-infection and cross-infection in the work place.

Crystel Headset is one of the first companies in the world to have effectively introduced Ozone technology into the Call Centre & BPO Sector. We manufacture a professional range of Ozone products for daily Call Centre use.

Ozone Sterilizing Stations allow for regular scheduled headset sterilizing to 99% germ & bacteria free, and create more hygienic call centre environments and healthier and happier employees.

Crystel OZONE


CRYSTEL OZONE Sanitizing Cabinets offer Call Centres the latest in Health & Hygiene technology to ensure employee wellness. Our cabinets effectively sanitise 25 headsets per 30 minute sterilizing cycle, and a single Ozone Cabinet can sterilise up to 2000 headsets per month without work flow interruption. Superior quality components and world class craftsmanship provide the most efficient sanitizing solution available to the sector.