Effective Noise Cancelling is critical to Call Centers. Be like EC3, and celebrate!

Check out this video of EC3 in Durban, putting our Crystel Headsets to the ultimate noise cancelling test.

Look carefully and you will notice that the agents are all talking on live calls during the celebration. None of them are cupping their hands around their microphones or speakers. They seem to be able to hear their clients, and their clients seem to hear them, even with the celebrations taking place around them.

Then compare the video to the photo’s below.



Now compare the video above, to the photo’s below which were taken at another Call Center we visited to do on-site testing. (This Call Center was not using Crystel Headsets, but a high-end imported brand). The ambient noise at this test site was very low, but even so, you could immediately notice the agents all cupping their hands around their microphones. This is because their clients can’t hear them speaking clearly.

Not only will this impact on the calls and the success of the calls, it will also impact on the quality of the recordings, with a lot of background noise coming through.

Don’t let your call center under-perform, or even worse, don’t risk losing a client – because of poor quality Noise Cancellation.