Crystel PRO

CRYSTEL PRO is a high quality range of professional headsets designed for Call Centre and BPO use. Ultra High Gain Noise Cancelling microphones and superior quality speakers give an improved audio quality that agents can trust, while lightweight components and cutting edge raw materials translates into excellent comfort and fit.

Crystel PRO – Monaural


MONAURAL HEADSETS have a single high quality earpiece and are best suited to quieter call centre environments and job descriptions that require some inter-office personal communication. They allow the wearer to hear & communicate with colleagues without removing their headsets, and are slightly lighter to wear.

Crystel PRO – Binaural


BINAURAL HEADSETS have two high quality earpieces and are best suited to typical call centre noise levels where agents need to not be protected from noise distractions. The dual speakers assist the agent to hear more clearly and help to create an audio cocoon that allow the wearer to concentrate more easily and not be distracted by outside noise.

Crystel – Cables

CRYSTEL HEADSETS offer a wide range of bottom cables. Correct cable configuration is essential to good sound quality. All of our cables are interchangeable and customisable which means that our headsets can be used on any telephony system in the world. Our cable range includes USB, Amplified, Jack Plug and traditional RJ9 and RJ11 cables, as well as a range of Q&A and Training cables. In a world first, our uniquely designed Quick Release connectors incorporate USB technology to ensure better quality connections and longer lifespan.