Meet headset serial # B90712. She works in a very busy and very robust call centre and gets used every single day.

Last week she broke. Which is unusual, because less than 2 out of every 100 of her fellow Crystel headsets break within their warranty period. But this story is not about her breaking. It’s about her getting fixed. 100% better.

You see, she arrived at Crystel Headset at 09h37 last week, and was sent home fully repaired and sterilised, by 12h52 the same day.

It turns out that her microphone was broken. She was admitted, was sterilized, went through the Crystel Headset Multi-Point check, was repaired like new, got re-sterilised, and was then wrapped up safely and sent home.

It is most likely that she’ll keep getting used now every day for the next three or four years without needing to ever be repaired again.

So when Cape Town BPO technology manufacturer, Crystel Headset, tells you they base their repair and technical support strategy on a Formula One pitstop model, they mean it.

And while an F1 pitstop crew sets two-seconds as their golden number to beat, our engineering crew have their very own golden number.  

Twenty four hours.

Crystel Headset in Cape Town, South Africa guarantees a 24-hour turnaround on all technical repairs. Which is unheard of in a sector where all other competitors traditionally take weeks.

And because we manufacture locally at our factory,  we carry a full inventory or all original parts and every Crystel Headset is guaranteed to be able to be repaired during its warranty period.  With zero percent “Beyond Economic Repair”. Nil. Nada.

That’s why headset serial # B90712 performs so well. She’s completely confident in her pedigree. She knows how well she’s been made. And just as importantly, she knows she has a word-class pit-crew supporting her if she ever does need to make a pitstop.

With less than 2% factory faults, 24-hours turnaround on repairs, and 0% beyond economic repair, what’s not to like?