Ozone has been seen to be effective against both  the SARS coronavirus and TB. It has also been seen to be effective against numerous other viruses and bacteria including poliovirus I and 2, human rotaviruses, Norwalk virus, Parvoviruses, Hepatitis A, B and non-A non-B, and E.coli.

I was showing one of our Ozone Plus headset sterilizing cabinets to a client last year, when he suddenly understood the power of the solution, and blurted out; “It’s like a washing machine for headsets!”

And it was a great analogy, because it is exactly like that. In the exactly same way that we should be washing our hands frequently to slow the spread of infection, if you work in an emergency call centre or BPO environment, you should be sterilizing your headset every day.

Laboratory tests show that call centre headsets are riddled with millions of bacteria, viruses & germs. Companies should be using new technologies to prevent the spread of infection and to protect the health and wellness of their employees.

In a world-first, South African designed and manufactured Ozone Plus headset sterilizing cabinets are the first ozone product in the world to specifically focus on using ozone technology and proprietary algorithms to help prevent the spread of infection in the call centre & BPO sectors with a short 15-minute daily cycle.

Ideally, every Call Centre or BPO Campaign with 100 or more seats should have their own Ozone cabinet that allows their agents to Ozone sterilise their headsets on a daily basis.

One Ozone cabinet per 100 agent campaign, has a cost-to-company of less than $1.00 per agent per month over the 2-year warranty period of the cabinets (ZAR16.66 per agent per month)

And with a sterilizing capacity of 15 minutes per 30 headsets, one cabinet could comfortable sterilise the headsets of 300 agents per day without impacting negatively on productivity. In which case the CTC comes down to around 30c per agent per month (ZAR5.55 per agent per month)

One dollar per agent per month seems a small investment to make to ensure that your agent headsets are sterilized every day.